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Meet Dr. Roxanna García

Naturopathic Medical Doctor
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Hello! Thank you for visiting Trifecta Healing AZ.


I am a licensed naturopathic medical doctor in the state of Arizona, having received my medical degree from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine & Health Sciences in Tempe, AZ. Prior to this, I studied at the University of Arizona and completed the Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.


As a doctor, I am here to listen to your concerns and answer questions you may have about your health. My goal is to create a judgement-free space and provide resources to allow you to make educated health choices and achieve optimal health. We will do this by using our appointment time to discuss your concerns and identify your health goals. From there, we will explore available options that use the healing powers of nature to help your body heal. I enjoy using many of the naturopathic modalities available, including diet and nutrition, acupuncture, herbs and botanical medicine, natural supplements. Together we will create a unique treatment plan that works best for you.


I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story!


 Principles of Naturopathic Medicine 

Which help guide the way we treat our patients at Trifecta Healing AZ.

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The Healing Power of Nature

Identify and Treat the Cause

Treat the Whole Person

Doctor as Teacher

First Do No Harm


The Healing Power of Nature

Modalities like herbal medicine and hydrotherapy optimize the healing properties found in nature. In fact; your body is a part of nature, too, and has the ability to heal itself! This is the most powerful type of healing and in naturopathic medicine we strive to support it.

Identify and Treat the Cause

We don’t just focus on the symptoms, we also identify the root cause of why your concerns are occurring in the first place. When we can address the “why” we are able to treat more effectively and heal more thoroughly.

Treat the Whole Person

You are a unique individual; therefore, your treatment should be unique, too.

Each plan is tailored specifically to your concerns, lifestyle, and preferences. We do this as a team to find

what works best for you.

Doctor as Teacher

We are your health resource. Our goal is to empower you to make educated health choices, take charge of your journey, and provide a judgement-free space to ask questions.

First Do
No Harm

In naturopathic medicine we focus on using the most natural methods of healing first before treating with invasive methods.

This means making diet and lifestyle changes before using prescription medication or surgery. 


Whether our focus is the prevention of disease from occurring in the first place or to prevent conditions from worsening, we will take action now to achieve optimal health and create a better future for you.

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Digestion & Gut Health

Digestion issues, Stomach pain, IBS, Nausea, Diarrhea, Constipation, Food intolerances, Acid reflux, Gas, Bloating, Diet concerns


Low energy, Insomnia, Restless sleep, Hypothyroidism, Adrenal Fatigue, Brain fog, Difficulty concentrating

Stress & Mental Health

Stress, Anxiety, Worry,
Low mood, Depression, Mood swings, PMS

General Health & Wellness

Annual checkup, Healthy aging, Allergies, Recurring illness, Acute Illness (Cold, Flu, Cough, Minor injuries),

Weight management, Detoxification, High cholesterol, Menopause/Hormones, Menstrual concerns

Chronic Pain & Illness

Diabetes, Hypertension, Celiac Disease, Gout, Autoimmune Diseases, Headache, Migraine, Muscle and Joint pain, Back and neck pain

Skin checks, Acne, Rashes, Moles, Psoriasis, Eczema, Hair loss/thinning

Skin Concerns
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What We Treat


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